I believe and feel that Pial and I are meant for each other. We have unconditional love and respect for the person’s that we are, no matter what we will always support each other through life. We often here that relationships are hard work and that you constantly need to nurture them, this should not be true. Why you may ask, because I believe having a strong foundation, based on the same norms and values and a natural common understanding of what is important in life already should be 80 – 90% of the relationship. If you can’t nail this, then don’t marry!

The other 10 – 20% should be driven by making the conscious effort that you are there and present in the relationship, unconditionally and with all your heart and soul.

I have never felt intense love, respect and care for a person before until I met my Pial. In many ways she is my “Gods” gift from heaven. When I was lost she found me and lifted me to a place where I never through I would be after going through a painful breakup after 7 years and not being around my kids. It took me 15 years of relationships to finally find the needle in the haystack as it took 7 years for Pial to get her divorce. It is not a coincidence that both of us had 7 years battle, but it was something we both had to go through to be the person’s that we are today.