What is a Societal Shaper?

What is a Societal Shaper?

We acknowledge that the world is changing at an unprecedented speed and the human race is faced with bigger, tougher and life threatening challenges, from limited resources, overpopulation, over consumption, rising inequality, climate change, technology over reach and global pandemics. 

For Societal Shapers BlogThus what does all this mean to you and I? 

We need a reset. Life as it is can’t just continue without a hard rethink over our lifestyle and business models. The way we consume, the way we define prosperity and the way we make money needs to be redefined and constraints need to be put into place. 

Why? Because if we don’t then we will continue to plunder our natural resources, biodiversity and natural ecosystems to fulfill demands of the growing middle class. It is in every business interest to produce faster and make more in order to gain more profits especially for its shareholders. 

So, who is going to set the limit? Who will say ok, enough is enough? Who will penalise and take away your license to operate if you continue to breach the limit? 

The short answer would be the State or our government. 

Now, here comes the role of Societal Shapers or those passionate about driving changes and reshaping society so we can all live harmoniously within our planetary boundaries. 

The idea is to have as many Societal Shapers as possible into the government or the state to change our systems and structure. It is time for a reset.

Why the need for Societal Shapers?

It is difficult to reimagine the world, to challenge existing ideologies, institutions and traditional ways of doing things we consider as a norm. It becomes even more complicated when our society beliefs are deeply intertwined with religion, traditions, culture and race. 

It will feel like you and I, against the rest of the world. But this is not true. There are many like us, who understand and know intuitively that the time for systemic change is now. There are many young ones who want to do more but need guidance, support and a circle of trust. 

Societal Shapers aren’t always going to get it right but we will continue to push boundaries in terms of ideas, discussions and actions because what matters most is RESULTS. We need a community of intellectual thinkers, strong, courageous and able to push these ideas forward especially when it gets difficult. 

What is expected of Societal Shapers?

You must have a fiery spirit within you to enact changes. It is important to build the stamina and energy mentally, emotionally and physically. 

It will be a challenging road ahead. You must stick to your values and principles in the face of power and greed. You will be held accountable in this sisterhood community but it will be a ride of a lifetime and an adventure you will forever value. Making this planet a better place to live in before we entered it. 

I hope this short introduction will inspire you and be part of the community. Join the discussion in my podcast and let’s lead the reset and rethink of our time.