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A community of women looking to support, nurture and develop purposeful young female potential to rise and take on leadership positions in the public sector and politics. The work in redesigning society requires a mega shift in mindset, deep understanding of the world we live and redefining progress and prosperity.  It is time to push for a more balanced approach and solutions by leveraging the female energy in a very masculine world today.

If more women participate in government, they may be more participative and collaborative than men, which could result in a more representative and effective government – Madeleine Kunin

imagine a world with more than 50% women leaders... yes, it would look very differently today

Societal Shapers a Podcast by Pial Khadilla

Societal Shapers is a platform dedicated to promoting a deeper understanding of the shift and trends impacting nations and the human existence in the 21st century. We are on a mission to support one thousand female Societal Shapers in the public sector space to create and push for meaningful and systemic change in the ASEAN region by 2030.
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Nurturing Women

In leadership positions

whY NOW?

“We can no longer wait for incremental change; it has been too slow. Parity will not be achieved by patience and we have to take risks, risks that we don’t have all the answers and risks that we maybe be rejected” – Madeleine Kunin

Women empowerment coaching

We offer One-on-One Coaching and Mastermind Programmes for women of all ages who are going through a life transition. 

An observation made by Napoleon Hill – ‘The fear of criticism robs a woman of her initiative, destroys her power of imagination, limits her individuality, takes away her self-reliance and does damage in a hundred other ways.’ 

We are here to support the woman take back control of who she really is, speak her truth and flourish in ways unimaginable before the programme. 

Live webinars

Oftentimes, many will ask what does Societal Shapers mean? Broadly speaking, the definition is nurturing and encouraging youths (who are proponents of the human and ecological wellbeing) to become changemakers at a systemic level. However, what does this entail and why is it different?

We have partnered up with WEAII Alliance to bring you progressive and provocative ideas and models to what an economy should actually deliver; an equitable distribution of wealth, health and wellbeing while protecting the planet’s resources for future generations and other species


TOOLS and resources

Since we agree that the current economic has lost the capacity to effectively organise and distribute resources, and to care for the natural world, then how do we bring about the changes needed?

Thus, Societal Shapers aims to provide you with the tools and resources to expand your understanding on the shifts and trends shaping the 21st century. 

This can be in the form of a podcast, online live, webinar, blog writings, e-books, community gatherings, panel discussions etc



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