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SOCIETAL shapers

A community of women looking to support, nurture and develop purposeful young female potential to rise and take on leadership positions in the public sector. The work in redesigning society requires a mega shift in mindset, deep understanding of the world we live and redefining progress and prosperity.  It is time to push for a more balanced approach and solutions by leveraging the female energy in a very masculine world today.

imagine a world with more than 50% women leaders... yes, it would look very differently today

Societal Shapers a Podcast by Pial Khadilla

Societal Shapers is a platform dedicated to promoting a deeper understanding of the shift and trends impacting nations and the human existence in the 21st century. We are on a mission to support one thousand female Societal Shapers in the public sector space to create and push for meaningful and systemic change in the ASEAN region by 2030.
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Nurturing Women

In leadership positions

how we help

Our in house curriculum is specially designed for young female leaders to become proponents of systemic changes in the public sector

purpose and clarity

This is one of the most challenging areas because as we go deeper into your why there will be more confusion as to what you want to champion and do for work especially when faced with a world where there’s information overload.

The sessions will take you through a process to convert your passions and interests into a clear purpose and direction.

You might not figure this out right away and this process can take a day or months but rest assured that the coach will be with you every step of the way.


Oftentimes we run out of steam and need to have a support group to keep us accountable, going at our own pace and mentally stimulated with intellectual and meaningful conversations.

The programme will include monthly live coaching sessions that will guide you how to overcome mental blocks, external pressures and self-limitations. It will be a safe and trusted platform free of any judgement  to help you with character building, nurturing self-discipline and forming your own thoughts and opinions. As a result you will build the confidence and courage to show up in your truth and own voice.  


We understand the skills of the 21st century is not so much focused on IQ but more on EQ. This means leadership and soft skills, problem solving skills, critical and conceptual thinking, ability to connect the dots and think fast on your feet, agility, resiliency, adaptability and the list goes on. 

Our Coaching programme will equip you with the necessary skills through our breakout exercises, focus group sessions, intellectual discussions and readings that will challenge your worldview and mainstream narratives. 

 You will learn how to ask questions, frame problem statements, think of solutions and start taking actions. 


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