My mind thinks in chunks where I need to map these information down in order to support the end conclusion/ summary/ formed opinion.

I noticed that by doing this, I am able to retain my thoughts, strengthen my points and have a clearer picture of the connections with me and what’s going on around me.

Life is such a beautiful thing. When you are truly grateful of it, you will continuously be amazed by the magic it possesses and how everything moves and shifts to move us in the direction of our purpose and dreams.

Yes, I don’t negate the downs, the frustrations, the sadness, the emptiness, the loneliness that comes with the lessons but all this is part of the teaching curriculum and finally I am able to see, feel, touch, experience and know within myself all that I doubted and wasn’t clear on. The end result, magical.

I know this may sound woo woo but in the past 3 years I have continuously practiced this profound belief of manifestation and it has worked wonders, to a point where I find it really really hard to believe but its happening so.. I just indulge.

Now, diving straight into the lessons of 2017, I have broken it down to the components of my lil life map:

  • Health
  • Relationships (further breakdown in family, kids, friends and love)
  • Career
  • Love partner
  • Spirituality
  • Financials
  • Ownership of materials
  • Travel and adventure

Under each of this segment, I break it down further into specifics. The point of this exercise is that I jot down the end goal and the big vision and then leave the rest of the ‘how’ to unfold.

When having this so-called life blueprint, it helps me in 3 ways:

  • Decision making
  • Prioritising and focus
  • Keeps me on track in an unexplainable measurable way (how the gut feels intuitively, good or bad)

For this clarity, I’d like to celebrate all that I’m proud of and has contributed to my cup of happiness.

  1. Finally getting my divorce after 7 years of battle (in June – best birthday gift)
  2. Moving into a new home that has a significant impact on my relationship with those living in the same household
  3. More fun activities and thus time spent with my 2 beautiful boys
  4. Meeting of new beautiful, truthful and loyal friends and shaving off of those who do not value add (with full respect of each other’s journey)
  5. Loving and enjoying my job very much (totally fulfills my sense of purpose)
  6. Having a great team and being able to interact with the intellectuals that far surpass mine. Constantly engaging in rich and deep conversations.
  7. Meeting the love of my life (super highlight)
  8. Both boys able to swim skillfully
  9. The addition of a new family into my life, especially a beautiful and lovable daughter (this was on my dream board 2015)
  10. Kick starting the path to financial stability (although I feel 34 is abit late, but hey better late than never :P)
  11. Paid off my loans to Bank Negara in full
  12. Led a small but amazing team and finally moving into our own office space 2018
  13. The launch of Chaco and my business partner whom I think is such a great person, sister and friend (albeit abit garang) but comes from a place of sincerity and honesty which i highly value
  14. The unwavering support, love and guidance from my mother (albeit sometimes difficult to navigate)
  15. Finally, the learnings of the world from my work with GIFT, a better judge of character by those who truly love me and having the best intentions for me

I am forever thankful and grateful to the higher power and will continue to be so for the rest of my life. The unwavering faith in what He has in store for us.

So to my readers, I hope your 2017 was as smashing and remember that as long as we are good, do good, think good and act good, we’re OK. You don’t need to prove to anyone else but yourself and the only competition we have is with ourselves, to be better today than yesterday.

May the good be with you,


p.s. yeah, I watched Star Wars for the first time last night. LOLZ

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