• I thoroughly enjoyed working with Pial. Pial has a great understanding of how to connect with women entrepreneurs. I left our sessions feeling energized and wanting to learn more about marketing strategies to expand my health coaching business. There were moments when Pial dug deep with the fears I was feeling with moving forward with my business. Pial has great expertise in business coaching and I highly recommend her and will seek out her coaching services again in the future. Thanks for helping me see my full potential Pial!

  • Pial is a REVIVER. She helped revive my life, goals, passion and income. Her energy, support and dedication has transformed my mindset and given me the push I very much needed. In the last month alone I’ve doubled my income, travelled internationally doing what I love most and getting paid for it. This is truly living life by design.

  • Coaching with Pial has opened my eyes to the possibility of being my own boss. I never knew this was actually an option and now I can’t wait to start my own path as an entrepreneur! Her work is an inspiration and I am surprised over how much I’ve grown as a person and as a singlemother to my three kids. I am stepping into my zone of genius and working towards financial freedom for myself and my family, a step that I would have been scared to take without the support and guidance of my coach.

  • Pial was very direct in pointing out the things I need to do away with in order to be able to do well in my business. She also stressed on the matters i needed to do even before starting the business. I feel as if I can see more clearly in terms of my business direction and I really appreciate the 60 minutes one on one with her. I surely recommend her to friends who are starting up a business.

  • My biggest aha moments during our session were a) to stop getting caught up in doing things perfectly before releasing them into the world (online), and b) to just decide on one thing to do at a time and just get it done! Taking action!! I felt excited and focused; I had a plan for the week and goals to meet. It was great!  My single biggest takeaway was that I need to get out of my head (stop worrying/obsessing/needing things to be perfect) and just start taking action on the remaining things left to do to get my biz up and running!  I’m currently working with a confidence coach, but when my program with him is over, I would definitely consider getting a new coach.  Pial will be on my list!  🙂

  • I came to Pial when I knew that radical changes were needed. Previously, I made a few attempts to start up an online project. None of them worked, because I wasn’t passionate about the target market and the packages. I just wanted to be known and to earn extra money. With no surprises, I failed over and over again. In January I made a commitment – NOW or NEVER! I knew I was meant to be a mentor bringing inspirations and changes into the people’s lives. So, all I needed was a coach. During a discovery call I had a goose skin. That was a sign that she supposed to be my coach! Was I satisfied? Absolutely! Would I recommend her as a biz coach? I did!

  • I have known Pial for only a couple of months, but working with her has changed my life and made a dramatic change in my business.In our initial discovery session, my cocky defenses got the better of me. At one point she quietly said, “If you want me to coach you, you need to [shut up and] listen.” I was taken aback. It wasn’t that those weren’t easy words to hear, but the fact that she had enough confidence in herself to speak them. I really needed someone to shut me up …
    In many ways, Pial reminds me of my younger self. She is dynamic, ambitious and determined. I love following her passion and involvement in both local and international activities. She is driven to learn as much as she can, to become the best professional coach that she can be. She never seems to come up for air. It is delightful to see how she is always bringing new ideas and insights to our sessions. Pial has most definitely convinced me that working with a coach, in this sometimes lonely world of entrepreneurship – the right coach, that is – can be a beneficial experience filled with fun, love and meaning. HUGS <3

  • With Pial’s guidance I could identify the different possibilities and work out how viable they were in terms of profit, sustainability and expansion opportunities and from here I could clearly see the path going forward as well as having a good idea of how to get there. I would definitely hire Pial as a coach and recommend her to anyone who feels stuck or who keeps repeating the same patterns or who can’t see the wood for the trees…Pial is going to chop those trees down and let you see the clear pathway through to the sunlight.