The Gift of Mortality

The Gift of Mortality

It’s been an interesting, eye-opening and enriching journey for me since 2015. Now, 3 years on as I’m about to begin 2018 I can sum up my biggest learnings:

1. Religion taught me something useful

2. Humans taught me something powerful

3. And the existence of God is constant

We humans are limited by our experience, exposure and environment that we live in. Our view of the world is just one tiny speck of a whole spectrum of wonders where we will never find answers to, well at least not in my lifetime and so we hold on to one thing that pushes us forward, FAITH.

Having faith that for every down will be an up, moments of sadness and anger will pass and the sun will come shining once again and everything will be fine is the best one can do for him/herself.

But this is of course easier said than done.

So, the question is how do you hold on to that faith unquestionably and continue to be happy in the face of adversity?

I don’t have the answers for you.

But I have suggestions.

1. Be a dreamer (it’s fun and funny)

2. Believe in your dreams with full conviction (ie – be stubborn despite the odds going against you)

3. Listen to those around you because in there lies in clues and lessons

4. Trust your gut and instinct

5. Never bring down others and always practice empathy and gratitude. This will take you a long way. I have seen and experienced this many times over, when I feel down/lost/sad someone shows up with a giving hand

Are you ready to enter 2018 with a bang? Hellz yeah!

Remember, celebrate yourself for all the wins and losses. Look back and laugh. Be proud. No regrets. Forward and upwards. Read. Speak less. Listen more. Love more.

Goodbye 2017 for you have been sensational!


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