Intruiging Intricacies Of The Palm Oil Industry In Malaysia

March 4, 2018

Never knew palm oil sector could be so complicated. Our upcoming Malaysia Young Leaders Programme 2018 will be focused on issues of deforestation and sustainable land use through good agricultural practices in the palm oil industry. As this is the first programme in palm oil for GIFT as a whole (we are running our 60th […]

The Gift of Mortality

December 21, 2017

It’s been an interesting, eye-opening and enriching journey for me since 2015. Now, 3 years on as I’m about to begin 2018 I can sum up my biggest learnings: 1. Religion taught me something useful 2. Humans taught me something powerful 3. And the existence of God is constant We humans are limited by our […]

What 2017 taught me

December 18, 2017
My mind thinks in chunks where I need to map these information down in order to support the end conclusion/ summary/ formed opinion. I noticed that by doing this, I am able to retain my thoughts, strengthen my points and have a clearer picture of the connections with me and what's going on around me. [...]

This is what I do for work

November 24, 2017

By 2050, we’ll have:   – 9.5B+ people – .2B+ pets – 20B+ livestock animals – 100B+ farmed fish – If they’re all going to eat, we’ll need to make some changes.   We are facing a daunting challenge – in the near future, our food system will not be able to support our growing […]