You have an idea, a solution that could solve people’s problems…
but you’re not sure if it’s gonna work…

Whether you want to start or already have a biz, you’re struggling with keeping things afloat. Perhaps you’ve had some good months and some not so good ones. You’re not sure what’s going on but one thing’s for sure, the INCONSISTENT INCOME is frustrating.

To add further frustration, you’ve even hired help here and there for tasks you can’t do like graphics, copywriting or website design but they’ve turned out DISAPPOINTING. The finished product is never quite right or seems like work is never done and yet, you keep paying them hoping that things will get better..

My queen, this cycle has to stop and you know it.

You need a guide, a mentor….someone who has hustled and bustled their own way, understands your struggles and can help you….street smarts style.

That’s exactly what I do, my queens…

Integrative Biz Strategist

I’m Pial, your Integrative Biz Strategist that’s here to bring the spice and infuse the right flavor to help you find your unique voice and attract your ideal clients. This will ultimately create a master plan for a successful biz you dig resulting in getting the consistent income you deserve.

My approach does not focus solely on one aspect of your life and business. Instead, I integrate all areas of your life; social, mental, emotional and spiritual. This allows us to work on growing and developing the foundation that makes us human while building a successful business.

My vision is to create a new breed of confident, creative and innovative women entrepreneurs that will improve the life and happiness of others. And through that process, create a ripple effect that transforms the world.

Much like the missing key to that secret door of success, I help my clients to spark light bulb moments so they can see down the road and through the tunnel to paths filled with lights shining brightly that will help to drastically reduce risks of “injury.”

And in case you want to know more about me:

I’m a Malaysian born, Chinese & Malay mixed parentage heritage. I’ve lived in the UK, New York, and traveled to many places. I’ve been a single mom for almost 5 years and not too much longer =).

I have a special knack for entrepreneurship after spending 6 years tightening my nuts & bolts in the beauty industry creating a skincare brand, creating bespoke natural skincare products and running workshops & training courses. I also worked as a central banker before launching my full time coaching biz in August 2014.

I love desserts, hot & spicy food, traveling in style, shopping, massages, social dinner parties and my white tops.