By 2050, we’ll have:
– 9.5B+ people
– .2B+ pets
– 20B+ livestock animals
– 100B+ farmed fish
– If they’re all going to eat, we’ll need to make some changes.
We are facing a daunting challenge – in the near future, our food system will not be able to support our growing population.
At the same time, the growing demand for protein is taking a huge toll on the planet.
Livestock rearing: Leader in green house gas emissions
Overfishing: Fisheries collapsing
​Soy ,Corn, Oil Palm: Clearcutting rainforests
An excerpt from the New Straits Times 15.11.2017
“It was reported that the EU Parliament had adopted a resolution in April that only environmentally sustainable palm oil could be imported into the EU after 2020. It also called for a single certified sustainable palm oil scheme for Europe-bound palm oil exports to make sure that the oil was produced using environmentally sustainable methods and prevented deforestation.”
How would this impact our palm oil growth/exports especially smallholder farmers in Malaysia (600k smallholders) and Indonesia (17.5million smallholders)? 
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